Just an update on what’s going on here in the Sturgeon Bay/ Southern Door County Area for weather and ice conditions. Right now most of the lower bay, West Shore and all the way to Chambers Island has ice coverage. Today we’re hovering around 27 degrees with a light WSW wind around 12MPH. Ice anglers have been primarily fishing the back of Little Sturgeon, in and around Riley’s Bay and Sawyer Harbor still waiting to get some colder weather to get things better with the thickness of ice so we can start moving around and fishing spots throughout the area. The weather that’s forecasted right now for about the next 10 days for Sturgeon Bay should be a good thing for us and thank you to anyone who was saying a prayer for colder weather, looks like our prayers have been answered!

 Remember that anyone who is venturing out should check with local bait shops on up to date conditions first before heading out! You can call Sand Bay Beach Resort & Suites at 888-879-5548 or Stevenson Pier Mini Mart in Little Sturgeon at 920-824-5222 or Howie’s Tackle in Sturgeon Bay at 920-746-9916 for the best up to date ice conditions. Also make sure if heading into this area to have Ice Cleats seeing we have lots of shove ice this year in many spots you’re going to fish. Remember that ice conditions vary in thickness throughout the season and when you see someone fishing a area doesn’t give you the green light to just go out and move around at will. It’s always a good practice to be check ice thickness while moving to a spot by drilling and or checking with a spud bar when walking to another area to fish. Also just a FYI, when you see a color change with the ice always check that ice before proceeding on over it. More times than not it’s a different color because it’s ice that came in later to the Ice you’re currently on and it’s many times thinner ice and that’s why it’s a different color. Also it’s a good practice whenever ice fishing is to carry ice picks with you at all times, keep cell phone in a warm location to save on battery and if possible in a ziplock bag or dry storage, let someone know where you’re fishing and when you’ll be coming back and a throw rope to assist others or for someone to help you if needed. Here’s the temps for the next number of days and if anyone ever has questions with ice conditions send them to this page as well for up to date ice fishing activity/conditions!