After a very slow start to the ice fishing season here in Door County, we are finally able to get to some of our favorite areas to target Whitefish, and the fish we are seeing are QUALITY. Ice conditions are still varied and anybody venturing out should always be checking ice thickness as you go. We have areas of 10-12″ or,  in some cases, more, BUT there are still some areas that are less than 3″ – USE EXTREME CAUTION! Watch out for pressure cracks and navigating through the shoves this year has also added some challenges.  Fortunately, we aren’t dealing with the terrible deep slush/snow we were last season! For the rest of the month, we will be only targeting Whitefish, we will start guiding for Walleye again towards the end of ice season/late ice.  Check out our new FISHING CALENDAR, which will break downthe seasons/months of the year we target which species.