Lower Green Bay Walleye Fishing

Fished out of the lower Green Bay out of Bayshore landing. Trolling crankbaits with a Southwest wind 5-10 mph, with increasing winds as the morning went on. Fishing was very productive–got our limits within the first few hours of fishing. Quite a few boats launching out of both Bayshore and Metro Park launches. Crankbaits have been a go to bait throughout the course of summer, as well as the increased use in crawler harnesses as anglers are coming back with great success on the water. An expected warm spell for the upcoming week has fishermen questioning whether the bite will slow down. Fishing earlier in the morning or towards dusk will allow anglers to make up for the expected heat wave that will warm up water temperatures. Most walleyes being caught are males 15-17 inches in length, larger males are being caught along the reefs as well. Working over reefs and on the edge of breaks has been the big ticket for hooking up on summertime walleyes. One key concept to apply to summertime walleye fishing is the ability to change up gear. A simple move from crank baits to crawler harnesses can play a large factor into being successful on the water, along with finding suspended walleyes and changing up your trolling speeds throughout your passes. As summer wears on, the walleye bite will produce good to slow days of fishing. By simply being able to change over gear you are allowing your self to make up for a slow start and capitalize on a day of trolling for walleyes.

Contributed by Aaron Pribyl


  1. Benjamin Suhr says:

    My wife, brother-in-law and myself spent last Thursday, September 22, 2011 with Dale fishing walleyes on lower Green Bay. The bite started off with a 4 1/2 pounder and then turned tough and Dale was RELENTLESS in finding what those walleyes would respond to….We were on a combo walleye-smallmouth trip and left the walleyes behind in the afternoon or we would have had a nice 10 fish or better day at that spot. Its nice to fish with a guy who is so focused, organized and self confident…Another thing, he went way past our time on the water…you don't see him "looking at his watch" towards the end of the day….He hangs right in there, above and beyond. So, thanks Dale for letting me pick your brain on the trolling tricks and putting us on fish!!!   Hope to see you for some white fish and walleyes thru the ice this winter…  Benjamin and Judy Suhr  Necedah, Wisconsin

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