2012 Spring Opener Fast Approaching!

Door county was the place to be this Spring for Monster Walleyes and Northern Pike! We are looking at temperatures in the mid 70's in the next upcoming week, which will help pave the way for spawning and will keep Smallmouth active just in time for the Wisconsin opener! Last open water season was an absolute success with monster Smallmouth and many numbers of Green Bay Walleyes caught. This year's 2012 open water season is looking very promising for many anglers, seeing as we had a very short winter and very early start to our Spring and open water fishing opportunities.

Many anglers will have their go to spots and baits, but remember that it's vetryst try new spots and baits.  Understand that the smallest swings in the barometer, weather changes, water and core temperatures could effect your success greatly. Varying  your retrieval speed, boat speed, and experimenting with different types of fishing line and baits will be very helpful in fine tuning your hook up on Smallmouth bass and Walleyes in Door County.

Underwater structure, relatively shallow water and wind blown shorelines will hold numerous bass. Water temperature greatly dictates where Smallmouth will be staging, and "spinner baits are a very good search bait allowing one to answer many of his questions to as where are the fish are". Pressure from many anglers will move Smallmouth around as the season begins. Do not let this discourage you, but rather look at it as a way to branch out and pay your dues to find where these fish have moved to. You will be able to capitalize on the strike zone to put big fish in the boat and into your camera frame!

Smallmouth are not stuck on one specific bait and technique. No two days are the same in fishing, and being diverse will help you greatly because you are allowing your self to find a certain groove by targeting these fish.  By throwing the same bait and using one specific technique or approach time to time will hurt your success at the end of the day.

As the water temperature continues to rise, the Walleyes will start moving into the reefs on the Bay of Green Bay until the water turns over and will eventually move back into the shoreline areas in the later part of August. Trolling crank baits or crawler harnesses will be the best bet for hooking up with Springtime Walleyes. Having a unit that is able to show and define structure and sonar, in conjunction with a chart map that shows contours and breaks, will be very helpful in deciding which areas to fish. Overcast days with the right amount of wind in the correct direction will be the best to target low light feeding Walleyes.

 We have open availabilty, and are looking forward to capping off a great spring and approaching summer! Always keep in mind that we offer a very instructional guide trip. it's always great to bring home a nice catch of Walleyes, but it is also very special to learn the waters of Green Bay and to get a full understanding of targeting Walleyes and Smallmouth bass. Always appreciate the fishery that we are provided with in order to pass it on to out future generation. Catch and release is always a good practice in order to maintain a strong and healthy fishing heritage! Good Luck to all this season and have a enjoyable time on the water! At Wacky Walleye Guide service we pride ourselves on helping those that are wanting to understand this fishery and build off of what they have learned at the end of the day! We always give 110% to not only find and capitalize on the bite, but to give the angler something to go home with and a appreciation for the sport of fishing!


  1. Booked a trip with Dale for June 26, 2012. Just a day after a north wind, did not look promising for walleye. However, as I really wanted to learn about walleye fishing, Dale said, ' let's do it'. And off we went, down toward Greenbay. I was not really expecting a l,ot of fish, as Dale had explained that the day after a north blow, fishing can be quite tough. 
    We started off casting, had a bit of action, then Dale found a bit of water with not as much storm debris, and we trolled for a bit. It was a wonderful, and informative morning, but as our time was drawing to a close, we were still short of the limit, which did not concern me one bit. 
    "Dale, do you have an afternoon trip?" I asked. No, he did not. "Well, we don't have to stay out longer for me." So I got Dale's reply, "I know you are ok going in with just a couple fish, but right now it is personal with me, I am going to find the fish". So we kept working, and sure enough, got on the bite. We ended up with a lot of fast action, in fact as we had the second to last keeper in the net, we had a double header, and ended up taking a limit. 
    All in all, it was a great day fishing, was just like fishing with my good friend George, we even got off the water late, and that is as good as it gets. 
    Thank you Dale, for a great day on the water. I will be back next year, if I can wait that long.

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