Ice Conditions 2/22/17

Well, all of our permanent shacks are off the ice for now…not sure if we will be able to move them back out, but all we can do is hope for cold enough weather.  We are able to walk off some of the public accesses in Sand Bay, Riley's Bay and Little Sturgeon for some walleye and whitefish action.  No vehicle traffic on the ice at all right now-including snowmobiles and/or ATV's. If you can get into an area along the shorelines or points that have shove ice, walking out is where it's at! We will continue some of our guided trips on foot for the coming days, and hope to be back in the Vikings soon if weather allows.  Always, always, always…safety first! If you're looking for another option to satisfy the fishing urge, the Fox River is open and guys are getting out down there for walleye in their boats! Captain Marc or Captain Caleb might even have the opportunity to take you out down there for a fun jig bite!  Stay tuned!  Here's a few pics of the great whitefish bite we found this past weekend!  We are still able to easily walk to this location for some great action!


Ice Conditions Update 1-12-17

Click the link to see Dale's most recent ice conditions on the Bay of Green Bay (Sand Bay) update and ice safety tips:

Wacky Walleye Elite Guide Team Making Waves…

We are excited to announce Captain Caleb Zorn and Captain Marc Jackson, of our Elite Guide Team, have both recently debuted their television careers!!  Marc just filmed a segment with Discover Wisconsin, highlighting the great smallmouth bass fishery in Northern Door County.  (show to air on February 4, 2017) Caleb finished up filming a salmon show out of SE Wisconsin yesterday with John Gillespie's Wisconsin's Waters & Woods. (show to air on September 17, 2016) These two fine young anglers are on the rise!  Book your next guided excursion with them ASAP!

Another Long Door County Ice Fishing Season?

Although this winter started off a mild one in Door County, it seems as though Jack Frost has blasted us with full force the last few weeks.  Listening to the news this morning, the weatherman stated this may be another record-setting year for the amount of ice coverage on the Great Lakes-now approaching over 85%.  That means our Door County Ice Fishing season will be another long one!  If you haven't had the opportunity to come up ice fishing this season, there's still time!  We also have one more event scheduled this season-our Ice Walleye School, March 13-15, 2015.  Hosted by Dale Stroschein at the Sand Bay Beach Resort, you will learn the tips, tactics and locations that have made Dale a successful and awarded (former World Record Holder for a Walleye caught through the Ice!!) ice walleye angler.  So, have no fear, there still is LOTS of time yet to get your Door County Ice Fishing trip in yet this season!  Image below was taken off the NOAA Coastwatch site (satellite imagery from 2/23/15) showing the amount of ice cover on the Bay of Green Bay, WI.

New for 2014 Ice Season – Lodging & Fishing Packages

You asked and we created them! New for 2014, we now have (MIDWEEK ONLY) 1 and 2 night lodging paired with walleye and whitefish ice fishing combo trips.  The GREAT thing is, we depart right from Sand Bay Beach Resort's doorstep!  No need to travel before or after your guided trips.  Situated in beautiful southern Door County, WI, we are in the heart of some of the best ice fishing in the Midwest. Packages starting at just $199/person.  Click HERE for more info on our Rates and Packages.  Book Today! 920-743-5731


Stroschein Inducted into 2014 Freshwater Fishing H.O.F.!

28 years into my fishing career as a tournament pro, USCG charter captain and ice fishing guide, I am honored to have been chosen to be inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame for the class of 2014.  This was always a career goal of mine, and to see it actually happen is a dream come true!  Thank you to all my family, sponsors, clients and friends that have supported me all these years.  I am looking forward to many more fishing seasons to come.  Click link below for full story.

Door County Late Ice Walleye Fishing

We are still going strong late into the the ice fishing season up in Door County, WI!  Those big Walleyes we have been waiting for are finally starting to cooperate!  Ice conditions are very good for this late in the season, however, with the longer days and now warmer temps…USE EXTREME CAUTION!  Even though this has been a long and cold winter…this is still the end of March remember!  It's best to call for conditions, and don't venture out with a vehicle of any kind unless you are familiar with the locations of reefs, rock bars, creeks, etc!  Here are a few Walleyes we iced yesterday and today!


ALL day Walleye/Whitefish combo: $155/person
Morning & Afternoon Walleye: $140/person

Call 920-743-5731 for current conditions or to book your guided trip!

Door County Ice Conditions

Door County Ice Fishing Guide, Dale Stroschein, talks about the ice conditions.  We are excited (and relieved) that we finally have some good ice!  Our heated ice fishing shanties will be in their prime locations, and we will be able to seek out the monster Door County Walleyes we are famous for!  Conditions are looking great, so book your ice fishing adventure today!

Door County Ice Fishing Events

Upcoming Events for 2013 Door County Ice Fishing season:

Film A TV Show with John Gillespie: Jan 20-23

Whitefish Weekend: Feb 1-3

Ice Walleye School: Mar 8-10

Hope to see you at one of these great ice fishing events in beautiful Door County, WI! These packages include lodging, meals, seminars and prizes…and AWESOME ice fishing opportunities!  Join the Wacky Walleye Crew this season!

Ice Fishing Door County for Walleyes and Whitefish

As we are approach the depths of winter, we begin to experience colder temperatures, accumulating amounts of snowfall and the formation and continuous expansion of ice. We are off to an interesting new year with inconsistent temperatures. Finding good ice at this point is going to be the biggest factor for many anglers. Luckily, we have the advantage of catching large numbers of whitefish and huge walleyes in shallow water with good amounts of ice. Utilizing these options can be very effective, and it’s very important to understand that one does not need to fish deep water, or venture miles off shore to find great fishing. Having the amenities of fishing deeper water allows you to find large drop offs, shelves, and structure which hold a lot of fish. However, shallow water has much of the same characteristics of deep water, and ice fishermen should concentrate on weed structure and rock bars.  These areas hold large masses of bait fish, crustaceans and grubs.

Whitefish tend to feed heavily on gobies, blood worms, insects and bottom organisms. Over the last week, we have been able to capitalize on the hot whitefish bite, producing big numbers of whitefish. Another important piece of information to remember is that whitefish spawn in early winter in shallow rock or sand bottoms in less than twenty-five feet of water. Keying in on these important facts will allow you to understand where these fish are feeding, what they are feeding on and most importantly why they are in that specific spot.

We are looking forward to the upcoming colder temperatures to bring us substantial amounts of ice and memorable fishing experiences. We are also encountering walleyes in shallow water right along with schools of whitefish.  My previous statement that shallow water holds large masses of bait fish will explain why these walleyes are moving in on shallow water to feed. Walleyes typically move through an area in schools. Hooking up on a big walleye should be an indication that you should quickly re-gear and drop your bait back down, more than likely you will be presented with more opportunities to hook up on another big one. One way to understand fish better and jigging presentations is to watch how they react in their environment. Understanding the fish you are targeting will allow you as an angler to understand jigging presentations, and how to compensate day in and day out on the water.

The biggest piece of information I believe while fishing shallow water is being “stealthy or silent” if you will. Many anglers can relate to fishing pressure, and how the bite can easily be affected by this. Fish can spook very easy, whitefish in particularly spook like you cannot imagine. Drilling holes, ice traffic and so on will scatter whitefish, using an underwater camera to witness this theory will be an answer all in its self. Take the steps to prevent this situation by drilling all of your holes at once when you arrive at your ice fishing grounds, and at the end of the day, I can assure it will make a large difference in your success. A whitefish feeds on grubs, bottom organisms and small bait fish, taking this piece of information into perspective will tell you that working your jigs on the bottom will be your best bet for hooking into whitefish! “I am a firm believer to understand a bite and to be successful one must understand the species of fish”. Having the opportunity to target fish on an everyday basis as guides we are able understand these fish and when they are prone to feed actively and being able to stay on top of these bites.

As the day progresses fish make transitions. These transitions are dictated by water temperature, cold fronts, feeding patterns, and overcast skies. Whitefish, more times than not, will be very active throughout day time hours and feed heavily. Whitefish inhabit deep and shallow water. Setting up away from ice traffic and continuous noise on the ice will produce bigger numbers at the end of the day. Whitefish are similar to a big buck; they do not tolerate pressure and separate themselves from danger. Look for good ice and a quiet place to fish, and this will make for great success.