Late Spring Fishing Report on Sturgeon Bay

Early Spring Fishing Report on Sturgeon Bay

Wisconsin Opener and BIG Walleye!

Walleye fishing the last couple weeks has been incredible! Here’s a video of one of Dale’s trips this past Thursday, May 2nd.  Good Luck out there!!

So Ben boats a 30” on the nose and had his Personal Best Walleye, sets the hook maybe 40 minutes later and beats his own PB with a 30 1/2” and we’re all just speechless. His excitement and smile with the 2 thumbs up tells the entire story! Congratulations Ben on something neither of us will ever forget! 

So Ben boats a 30” on the nose and had his Personal Best Walleye, sets the hook maybe 40 minutes later and beats his own PB with a 30 1/2” and we’re all just speechless. His excitement and smile with the 2 thumbs up tells the entire story! Congratulations Ben on something neither of us will ever forget! Nitro Boats Frabill #catchandrelease

Posted by Dale Stroschein on Friday, May 3, 2019

Sturgeon Bay Ice Update January 14

Just an update on what’s going on here in the Sturgeon Bay/ Southern Door County Area for weather and ice conditions. Right now most of the lower bay, West Shore and all the way to Chambers Island has ice coverage. Today we’re hovering around 27 degrees with a light WSW wind around 12MPH. Ice anglers have been primarily fishing the back of Little Sturgeon, in and around Riley’s Bay and Sawyer Harbor still waiting to get some colder weather to get things better with the thickness of ice so we can start moving around and fishing spots throughout the area. The weather that’s forecasted right now for about the next 10 days for Sturgeon Bay should be a good thing for us and thank you to anyone who was saying a prayer for colder weather, looks like our prayers🙏 have been answered!😇 Remember that anyone who is venturing out should check with local bait shops on up to date conditions first before heading out! You can call Sand Bay Beach Resort & Suites at 888-879-5548 or Stevenson Pier Mini Mart in Little Sturgeon at 920-824-5222 or Howie’s Tackle in Sturgeon Bay at 920-746-9916 for the best up to date ice conditions. Also make sure if heading into this area to have Ice Cleats seeing we have lots of shove ice this year in many spots you’re going to fish. Remember that ice conditions vary in thickness throughout the season and when you see someone fishing a area doesn’t give you the green light to just go out and move around at will. It’s always a good practice to be check ice thickness while moving to a spot by drilling and or checking with a spud bar when walking to another area to fish. Also just a FYI, when you see a color change with the ice always check that ice before proceeding on over it. More times than not it’s a different color because it’s ice that came in later to the Ice you’re currently on and it’s many times thinner ice and that’s why it’s a different color. Also it’s a good practice whenever ice fishing is to carry ice picks with you at all times, keep cell phone in a warm location to save on battery and if possible in a ziplock bag or dry storage, let someone know where you’re fishing and when you’ll be coming back and a throw rope to assist others or for someone to help you if needed. Here’s the temps for the next number of days and if anyone ever has questions with ice conditions send them to this page as well for up to date ice fishing activity/conditions!

Big Walleye in the Sturgeon Bay Area…

Elite Guide Team Captain Caleb Zorn, got an incredible surprise earlier this week.  After chasing giant smallmouth for a few hours, he and his clients decided to try for some Walleye in a new location.  Well…it paid off!  Caleb landed this not-so-typical-this-time-of-year GIANT WALLEYE! 30.5 inches and 10 pound 7 oz fish! Way to go, Caleb!! And isn’t it a cool looking fish??


Sturgeon Bay Bass Fishing on FIRE!

Got up today (6/6/18) at 6am, hooked up the boat, asked my wife if she’d please get my coffee cup ready for me and off to the Resort to pick up Art. Dumped the boat in at 7am and headed out on a pretty cold June morning. Air temps this morning were at 45 degrees and the winds were south, southeast with rain heading our way for noon. Art and I started the day off with a double and shortly after that I put two smallies in the boat and both of them tipped the scales at over 5lbs. Didn’t catch as many fish as we did yesterday, but we still had a fun day of fishing together. Ended up doing two trips today, so Art rode with me to the boat landing this morning, but in the afternoon I brought Art to the resort and dropped him at our dock and then drove back to the landing in Sturgeon Bay to pick up my guys for my 2 o’clock trip. Now the boys in the afternoon and I just rocked-em, many more fish bit in the afternoon, but nothing over 5lbs. Couldn’t believe the amount of fish we boated in the afternoon that pushed the scale over 4lbs. Steve and Greg had the time of their lives and Steve’s from Atlanta and had never caught a Smallmouth bass ever and his first 3 that he boated today were comfortably over 4lbs, so needless to say he was fired up. Brought the boys back to the landing for 8pm and backed the boat in the garage at a little bit after 9pm. Long day today and I actually at the end of the day was ready for my bed! Here are a few of the pics from both trips!

Head Guide, Elite Guide Team
-Captain Dale Stroschein

Mercury Does It Again!

Hats off to Mercury Marine for not only making the number one selling outboard motor, but for always backing the angler and constantly wanting to give back to the community in so many different ways to touch peoples lives in a positive way! So with a number of conference calls with with Mercury’s marketing/social media department and fishing pro’s it finally all came together today very smoothly with the three lucky winners from the Midwest. We all met at our Resort, Sand Bay Beach Resort & Suites, in Sturgeon Bay (On May 30th, 2018)     and after each Pro met their angler who won the fishing outing, we headed over to Sunset Grill for a complimentary dinner provided by Mercury-a great opportunity to get to know each other! We shared some great fishing stories and put together a strong strategy on how we were going to put our winners on some great Walleye action the next day that hopefully they’ll never forget, an experience of a lifetime! As soon as we finished up with dinner, and of course everybody with full bellies, we left Sunset and headed back to the resort so everyone could get a good night sleep in, even with all of the anticipation of what tomorrow had in store for them as they got to spend a day with their favorite Walleye Pro! In the morning after a restless evening waiting to get up to go chase Walleye, everybody met in the parking lot and then we all caravanned to Bay Shore Park to launch our boats. We launched the boats and headed out for a fun day of Walleye fishing and to share our wisdom/techniques with our anglers, so they hopefully learn a few things to have a better experience for them in the future when they go out on their own! Weather was pretty cooperative with south, southeast winds most of the day with a perfect wave for the Walleye to be very cooperative for each of the boats. Mercury Walleye Pro’s, Korey Sprengel, Marianne Pfister Huskey and myself put our anglers, who won the day in the boat with their favorite Pro angler, on all kinds of walleyes throughout the entire day. Korey Sprengel fished with Kevin Wachholz from Oshkosh, Marianne fished with Bradley W. Richardson’s two beautiful young daughters from Roscoe, IL area and I fished with Dylan Knoespel, a student from Brillion, Wisconsin. The overall day couldn’t have gone any more perfect. Every boat caught lots of fish, everyone had a great time and more importantly each lucky winner learned a few tricks to help them catch more Walleye their next time out. Thanks again to Mercury Marine for all you do, and here are a few pics from Dylan’s and my day! #goboldly

Next Week We Ice Fish!

The boys are hard at work getting our ice shacks staged and ready to be moved out on the ice for our trips next week!  We pick up our fleet of Yamaha Viking VI's on January 5th, and we will be anxiously awaiting YOUR arrival for your fun ice trip out on the Bay of Green Bay.  Whether you are looking for a action-packed whitefish outing or an intense hunt for a trophy Walleye, we've got you covered! We hope to see you for a great 2018 Ice Fishing Season…and with these incredibly low temps, our ice is looking to be in the best shape we've seen in recent years.


Head Guide, Dale Stroschein, along with his Elite Guide Team, are coming together to bring you our first Annual Kids Fishing Day on September 3rd, 2017!  This will be a hands-on fishing experience in the boat with our captains.  For a minimal $25/child fee, your child will get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fishing from our Experienced Charter Captains!  Click the Link below ("Kids Fishing Day") for more details.  To reserve your space today, please call our office at 920-743-5731.  Spaces are extremely limited, so book now!

Kids Fishing Day

Spring Walleye Fishing in Door County

Spring is well underway in Door County.  We have one Spring Walleye School under our belt and one more coming up next weekend.  Water temperatures are starting to come around and hover around the mid 40 degree mark.  We have been having some sunny and warm days, which has warmed that temp up almost 10 degrees plus in the last week!  We have been focusing a lot of our time on the West shore, but as that bite starts to become more sporadic, we will transition to our backyard on the East side of the Bay of Green Bay.  We are starting to see some post-spawn fish, so if you're still in the market for a big, fat Door County walleye, it's best to focus your efforts in the northern part of the county.  We still have some openings this month with Captain Caleb Zorn or Captain Marc Jackson.  And, don't forget to book your prime May trip as all three of our captains, Dale, Caleb and Marc are starting to fill up!  Tight Lines!