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Family Ice Fishing on Green Bay

Wacky Walleye Guide Service is proud to announce that we will be running a Fun Family Ice Fishing package.  This 4 hour ice fishing package will include a Fully Guided Whitefish trip for up to a family of four.  Transportation, heated ice shanties, Frabill tackle and bait will be provided.  The total cost for up to 2 adults and 2 children is $259.  Additional persons may be added for $25/person.  Hope to see you this winter for some great Ice Fishing in Door County on the Bay of Green Bay!

Door County Ice Fishing In Pursuit

Another fantastic summer and fall fishing season has winter approaching. With that being said anglers are making transitions towards this upcoming ice fishing season. Cold, consistent weather will make for early ice fishing opportunities. Early ice can be very productive for walleyes: not only are anglers making transitions with winter on its way, but walleyes are as well. Early ice walleye fishing is so productive because walleyes are at their peek feeding craze. On top of that, oxygen levels are still high and weed vegetation is still present to hold walleyes in the bays of Green Bay. Door County is well known for its ability to produce big walleyes, and taking the extra steps to be persistent to find these fish, whether it be on rock bars, humps, breaks or reefs, will determine which areas these big fish are frequenting.

Another key concept with early ice walleyes is that they are responsive and very agressive. By jigging aggressively and finding the strike zones of these fish, this will factor greatly towards one's success. Remember that walleyes are creatures of habit constantly looking for food. with that being said a walleyes strike zone is dictated around water temperature."Do not limit your self and your jigging". Understand that being able to compensate for water temperature in a way that you either slow your jigging down, or  entice the fish with a more aggressive  jigging action, will make the difference at the end of the day.


Whitefish numbers are very strong and continue to be on the rise. As walleyes may present a challenge to ice anglers, whitefish continue to be a draw for many! As time goes, whitefish are continuously on the move and looking for food. Not only are whitefish ahead in numbers, but they taste great and are an absolute blast to catch, especially in deep water where whitefish are commonly found. 

Going back to the same spots every season-for whatever species you are in search of-is not always the answer. Although these spots may produce, it's always good to have other options if all else fails. Understanding a body of water and keying in on specific areas where giant walleyes or the fighting whitefish dwell will always be an advantage. Ice is always unpredictable and has a mind of its own, taking extra steps to ensure they safety of your life and the other members of your party is always important while fishing through the ice. 

Wacky Walleye Guide service has recently returned from the 19th annual St. Paul ice show, and it is looking like another great year with a lot of  new awesome products. We can't wait to put our Frabill ice gear and Jiffy ice drills to work. We are also proud to say that we have more new additions to our fleet of permanent heated ice shacks and Polaris crew cab rangers!! It's getting cold and ice is just starting to form in areas, so grab your gear and get ready to head out to the ice its coming fast!  BUT, most importantly, have fun and always be safe while taking to the ice. Good Luck Fishing!! Tight Lines!!!

-Contributed by Ice Guide, Aaron Pribyl-Wacky Walleye Crew

Door County Ice Fishing

As the weather begins to turn colder, it's time to gear up for Door County ice fishing! We are looking forward to putting our Frabill gear and Jiffy Ice Drills to the test very soon.  There are a lot of exciting and fun events coming up this season. 

Our first event is the chance to film a show with John Gillespie!  This is a three night lodging/2 day ice guided package and you will have the opportunity to be on television with John Gillespie and Dale Stroschein!  Click link below for more info:


Next on our calendar of events is the fun-filled Whitefish Weekend!!  This is a 2 night/3 day package – great for families, couples and buddies!!  We have a blast every year during this event.  Click link below for more info:


The last event we will be hosting this year is our information-packed Ice Walleye Weekend.  This event is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND and we are looking forward to another great school in 2012!  Click link below for more info:


If we don't happen to see you at one of these events, remember we do offer HEATED ICE SHANTY RENTALS FOR WHITEFISH or FULLY GUIDED ICE WALLEYE TRIPS OR ICE WHITEFISH TRIPS!  Dale Stroschein has been ice guiding Door County for 27 seasons in 2012, and wants to help you become a successful Door County Ice Fisherman!  Hope to see you this ice fishing season!

LODGING at Sand Bay Beach Resort puts you right on MAIN DOOR COUNTY ICE FISHING ACCESS AT SAND BAY!!  No need to trailer your ATV's or snowmobiles any further!  Roll right out of your suite and onto the ice!!!  BE SURE TO MENTION YOU ARE AN ICE FISHERMAN TO RECEIVE DISCOUNTED RATES!  And, whether you guide with Dale or choose to fish on your own, he will be happy to point you in the right direction, provide tips/techniques and give updates on ice conditions. AND, don't forget, Sand Bay Beach Resort has a heated, indoor FISH CLEANING FACILITY.

Whitefish Weekend 2012 Announced!!

Back by popular demand!!  Wacky Walleye's Whitefish Weekend will be FEBRUARY 3-5, 2012.  Come join the Wacky Walleye Crew for a great weekend of friends, fun and FISHING!!!


Space is limited!  Reserve your spot today!  888-879-5548

Gillespie Fishing Party & Show

Wacky Walleye Guide Service is excited to announce a great event this October 16-18, 2011!  Take part in the filming of John Gillespie's Wisconsin's Waters and Woods TV show and enjoy a fun fishing tournament!  Door County Fishing seminar by Dale Stroschein Sunday evening.  Lodging and meals included–click link for more info:


Wacky Walleye Crew Member on Fox and Friends

Congratulations, Aaron Pribyl (Wacky Walleye Ice Assistant) for his appearance 8/6/11 on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends program!  He will be broadcasting LIVE from New York City!  As a host for Bass Pro Shops Next Generation TV show, Aaron was invited to be interviewed on the morning news program.  He will be discussing the show itself and the upcoming BPS Fall Hunting Classic.  Be sure to tune in!  Way to go, Aaron!!

Connecting on Summer Smallmouth in Door County

Summer is in full swing, the water temperatures are rising and the Smallmouth are continuing to be active. Anglers fishing farther north are finding cooler water temperatures and bass. Summertime Smallies can be very active at times, especially with the right weather conditions . Stronger winds push bass up shallow, which allows  fisherman to find fish with ease compared to fishing deeper water, which makes it  hard to predict what areas the fish are feeding and moving through. One thing to keep in mind when bass fishing is more times then not they relate towards structure and shorelines. Working rock piles along shorelines, breaks and rock bottoms will almost always produce Smallmouth bass every time. Warm weather is strongly approaching for the next few weeks.

Targeting these fish early in the morning and evening hours will produce the most fish, seeing as the sun is not beating down, thus increasing water temperatures. Fishing on windy days can be a big turn off for many anglers, but the upside to fishing windy days is that it brings the bass into shallow water and also brings up sediment along with bait fish and feed. 

Casting rattle baits, plastics and spinners have shown great success on the water, working around 5-12 feet of water. Always keep in mind that bass fishing and  success will change day to day, and one will have to compensate for water temperatures, weather conditions, and the overall time of day when bass are most active and most importantly their location. Bass fishing  will only get better from this point on, especially during the fall months where the Smallmouth are continuously feeding and putting on weight for the upcoming cold winter months. Bass feeding patterns will change as the months go on, do not limit yourself with tackle and concentrating on one specific bait. There are all types of lures and baits for all applications of bass fishing.  If you are finding yourself in a lull, try switching over to a different bait. When casting it's very important to vary your retrieval speed when retrieving your baits, along with incorporating a pause in between retrieves.

Many can say that spring fishing for Smallies has always been a favorite time of the year for many anglers, but by putting in a little extra effort, fishermen can have great success targeting summer time Smallmouth. Using live bait, such as night crawlers and leeches, can also be  effective for summer time bass-working within a few feet of the bottom floor. Working baits with in different parts of the water column can also factor into hooking into these fish. Remember that bass are always on the move, and are always in different spots and making different transitions as seasons come and go during  the year. Good Luck fishing and always be sure to take precaution while taking to the water, whether it be rough water conditions or dark skies.

Contributed by Aaron Pribyl

Lower Green Bay Walleye Fishing

Fished out of the lower Green Bay out of Bayshore landing. Trolling crankbaits with a Southwest wind 5-10 mph, with increasing winds as the morning went on. Fishing was very productive–got our limits within the first few hours of fishing. Quite a few boats launching out of both Bayshore and Metro Park launches. Crankbaits have been a go to bait throughout the course of summer, as well as the increased use in crawler harnesses as anglers are coming back with great success on the water. An expected warm spell for the upcoming week has fishermen questioning whether the bite will slow down. Fishing earlier in the morning or towards dusk will allow anglers to make up for the expected heat wave that will warm up water temperatures. Most walleyes being caught are males 15-17 inches in length, larger males are being caught along the reefs as well. Working over reefs and on the edge of breaks has been the big ticket for hooking up on summertime walleyes. One key concept to apply to summertime walleye fishing is the ability to change up gear. A simple move from crank baits to crawler harnesses can play a large factor into being successful on the water, along with finding suspended walleyes and changing up your trolling speeds throughout your passes. As summer wears on, the walleye bite will produce good to slow days of fishing. By simply being able to change over gear you are allowing your self to make up for a slow start and capitalize on a day of trolling for walleyes.

Contributed by Aaron Pribyl

Chalky Water = Good Door County Walleye Fishing

Door County Spring Walleye Action

Fished a few days this past week with guide customer, Brian (pictured here.)  It seems as though the bite is coming around pretty well!  Caught fish both days jigging and trolling.  Mostly jigging during the day, and trolling into the evenings.  However, I will switch to mostly day fishing here in the near future.